Quickly delete emails from Gmail

Here's a shortcut for quickly deleting emails from your Google Apps / Gmail inbox:

1. Tick off the emails you wan't to delete

2. Hit SHIFT + 3

Adding Alt Tag & Title Tag Support for Media 1.x on Existing Drupal 7 Sites

This article explains how I went about adding alt/title support for images using the Media module on an existing Drupal 7 site (with media-7.x-1.x already installed).  It assumed you have SSH access to your site. Please also note, I have only used this method using an image field with the media file selector widget, I'm yet to test it with a file field.

If you're creating a new site, look at using media-7.x-2.x as it has this support by default (At time of writing 2.x is still unstable.), otherwise, read on.

Responsive Design for IE8 & below using respond.js and an Omega subtheme

Internet Explorer 8 and below do not support media queries on their own, an essential requirement for creating Responsive websites. The 'respond.js' script by Chris Jehl solves this problem, however it doesn't work off-the-bat with an Omega sub theme.

Great cross browser testing tool

Cross browser testing tool

I just discovered this great browser testing tool. For mac users, this is a great tool as you don't have to be running a virtual Windows machine (or have a windows laptop cluttering up your desk). You can just select the OS, then any available browsers and it opens up in a flash based window. Logmein.com-esque.
Check it out here: http://crossbrowsertesting.com/

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